My name is Sidney Zdeněk Hornych. I’m business consultant, blockchain, machine learning, and AI enthusiast, supporter, life-explorer, and pathfinder.

Currently on a mission.

“It rests by changing.
While changing, it rests.”

— Heraclitus, DK B84


My very first personal office with my first Intel 286 laptop at my teenage age.

1996, 13 years old

Business Portfolio

At the heart of my professional journey is a deep-seated passion, a driving force that unites me with a diverse and talented group of individuals, including visionaries, executives, dreamers, diligent follow-uppers, and Moonshot thinkers.

I'm continuously inspired by the opportunity to collaborate with these exceptional minds, currently spread across the USA, Middle East, India, and my beloved Czechia. It's this blend of passion, diversity, and global reach that makes my work fulfilling.



A forward-thinking digital tank with a rich history of delivering exceptional results to clients of all sizes, from global leaders like Microsoft and Heineken to startups. With over two decades of experience, the company excels in leveraging technology, design, and strategy to create tailored solutions that meet the unique demands of each client.

Whether it's developing cutting-edge AI platforms, designing captivating user experiences, or exploring the potential of blockchain, Twogether.One's diverse team is well-equipped to tackle complex challenges and drive digital transformation.

As the technological backbone of R. U. ROBOT Studios, a feature film studio based in Barrandov, Prague, and Hollywood, LA, Twogether.One stands at the intersection of technology and entertainment. Our AIML capabilities are not just reshaping businesses but also redefining the cinematic experience.


HEARTYS operates at the nexus of film and technology, offering a comprehensive solution for the modern cinematic landscape. It specializes in curating, developing, and bringing film projects to fruition, tapping into both traditional and digital distribution channels.


Founded in 2014, SOCIFI has earned the trust of significant global clients, including the 8th largest Mobile Network Operator, E& by Etisalat, and the 12th largest oil company by production. Our achievements, supported by Rockaway Capital and Mobility MEA, underscore our dedication to delivering top-tier solutions.


DPG serves as the back-office and administrative backbone for Twogether.One, enabling the company to dedicate its energies to delivering innovative solutions. This allows Twogether.One to concentrate on its core mission of delivering value through technology and creativity.


NGO Portfolio

I am honored to be associated with the Lilie & Karel Janecek Foundation, an organization at the forefront of social impact investments. This involvement aligns closely with my personal values and aspirations to contribute positively to society.


Lilie & Karel Janecek Foundation (NKJ)

Since 2016, I have had the privilege of collaborating with the Lilie & Karel Janecek Foundation, a venture establised by Karel Janecek, a renowned Czech mathematician, entrepreneur, and anti-corruption campaigner.

In my role, I focus on mentoring social impact companies, offering guidance primarily in technical and business aspects. This work aligns with the foundation's aim to foster positive societal change and innovation. My involvement in initiatives like the "321 workshop by Karel Janecek Foundation" is part of a larger effort to nurture and support companies that are making a tangible difference in our communities.




PositiveZero has been at the forefront of digital strategy, working with top-tier clients such as Microsoft, Heineken, L'Oréal, Danone, Skoda Auto, Parrot, T-Mobile, and leading agencies like WMC/Grey, BBDO, Ogilvy, Publicis, and McCann Erickson. Our in-house expertise in UX, UI, design, and technology significantly influenced the digital presence of these major companies.

The agency's journey evolved with the development of SOCIFI as a spin-off project. This venture became so central to our mission that we transitioned our entire team from PositiveZero to SOCIFI Ltd., marking a strategic pivot in our focus and operations. PositiveZero portfolio.

Tivoli Audio

As the Czech representative of Tivoli Audio, I'm proud to be associated with this esteemed American audio manufacturing company. Founded in Massachusetts in 2000 by the legendary audio engineer Henry Kloss and entrepreneur Tom DeVesto, Tivoli Audio has become synonymous with high-quality tabletop radios and audio products.

My personal collection includes several of these incredible machines, each a testament to Henry Kloss's genius in sound engineering and design. Their enduring performance and quality speak volumes of the innovative legacy of Tivoli Audio.

Reklamni Predmety

In 1999, at the age of 16, I acquired the domain name, unknowingly setting the stage for a significant venture in the promotional merchandise market. This domain, rich in key SEO terms, represented more than just a digital asset; it was a launching pad for strategic business opportunities.

Embracing this potential, I successfully navigated two paths: creating a custom-made e-commerce system that served leading brands such as Intel, Seznam, Intel, Czech Television, and others. This entrepreneurial journey culminated in the project's handover to a new owner, exemplifying the effective utilization of a digital asset.



In 2020, we founded a tech company in Miami, which was officially established in 2021, dedicated to developing a marketplace for influencers, heroes, and their fans. During its operation, we tapped into a burgeoning market valued at $9.6 billion, expected to soar to $16.8 billion by 2023.

Leveraging serverless computing technology for optimal scalability, our platform was a testament to state-of-the-art innovation in the digital realm. This strategic approach enabled us to effectively navigate and contribute to the dynamic industry of influencer engagement.


IMMERSIANS was a community dedicated to nurturing consciousness. Its core mission revolved around promoting ethical development, respecting all life forms, and striving for harmony in human existence. Emphasizing freedom of conscience and transparency, IMMERSIANS advocated for open and honest engagement in all its activities.

The community's approach was distinctive, blending scientific understanding with spiritual and non-rational perspectives. This holistic view fostered a deeper connection with oneself, others, and the environment, guiding members towards a more enlightened and balanced existence.

NFPS Foundation

My collaboration with Pavel Scheufler, a distinguished historian and educator in the field of photography, spans over 20 years. Pavel's specialization in the Austro-Hungarian Empire's photography and his role as a former professor at FAMU have been pivotal in my own journey in photography.

Pavel’s impressive collection of photographs, which his father started assembling in the 1920s, alongside his significant contributions of authoring 45 books and organizing 70 photography exhibitions, have been a source of endless inspiration to me.


How it all started


My foray into the business world began between the ages of 15 and 17 when I worked as a network engineer for U&WE Advertising, a leader in marketing and printing. During this period, I developed proprietary printing and showcasing software, ensuring their systems were operational around the clock. However, my ambitions were set on larger goals.

Upon turning 18, I founded DPG and embarked on creating the EdgeFrame product family. I concentrated on developing a Content Management System and a Helpdesk System, bringing on board a team of skilled developers and design engineers. It was during this exciting time that I met my long-term business partner Tomas Silny, with whom I still collaborate.

Over the next decade, I dedicated myself to the development of EdgeFrame, successfully marketing both full on-premise and SAAS licensing models.


Helpdesk Clients

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Regional Development
University of Chemistry and Technology
Czech Telecommunication Office

CMS Clients

Volkswagen Group
BMW Invelt
Starobrno Brewery
Heineken Brewery

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Little Things



Doing my best to positively spread a plant-based and cruelty-free lifestyle. Lifestyle free of animal misuse of any kind.

— Because respecting the rights of animals. They are not ours. Please visit The Vegan Society.